Could Your Slow Metabolism Actually Be Due To Hormone Imbalances?
Discover How To Reset Your Metabolism!
Tanya B. Teggatz, M.D. -Physician and Metabolic Reset Coach
In my practice, I see so many people who struggle with both weight loss and low energy!

Apart from the psychological factors, we all know that excess weight (even an extra 20 pounds) is a huge risk factor for every disease out there. Carrying excess weight can also severely unbalance your hormones, trap toxins, and just make you feel sluggish!

When I speak to new patients, they tell me that they have tried countless diets without success, and just feel like giving up!

Many patients also believe that it is their genetics that are holding them back… or that it’s just part of “getting older”.
But nothing could be further from the truth…

To me, the reason is obvious..

You are going about your weight loss the wrong way!
You see, it’s not about calorie reduction or about “calories in vs calories burned”, grueling exercise… because they all work against your body. 

Instead, it’s about working with your body, specifically two things: Rebalancing your metabolic hormones and finally detoxing the right way.

This is the only way to finally get rid of stubborn weight, and that’s why we’ve created the Metabolic Reset Program so you don’t have to struggle.

This program works so well because it achieves many things at once while keeping the weight off. It also teaches you about lifestyle modifications – which means you can keep the weight off for good!

The program is designed based on the latest nutritional science and incorporating proper biological detoxification pathways. With the right mix of specific nutrients needed for your liver, you can finally release toxins.

And that’s why so many juicing and other detox programs fail to detox you at all ¬– and if you manage to lose any weight, you end up gaining it back fast.

One the best outcomes that I hear from my patients, is that the Metabolic Reset not only resets their weight but also calms their hunger and cravings for sweets and junk food. Since it works to balance your hormones overall, it also resets your hunger hormones to normal levels!

Watch the video below to learn more about the details of the program….

Here's What's Included
Here’s why patients have so much success in the program and how we support you.

Your program includes:
  • A 45 minute private Comprehensive Metabolic Intake with Dr. Teggatz to review your personal health history
  • Follow-Up visit with Dr. Teggatz during week 6
  • Metabolic Reset Program Guide 
  • Metabolic Reset Recipe Book 
  • Daily health tips delivered via email
  • ​Accountability in private Facebook group 
  • Daily direct message access through Client Portal 
  • Bonus #1 - Metabolic Support Formula
  • Bonus #2  - Professional Grade Probiotic 
  • Bonus #3 - Detox Support supplement 
  • Bonus #4 - Organic medicinal mushroom infused coffee or tea 
  • Bonus #5 - Professional grade fiber supplement 
  • Bonus #6 - One acupuncture treatment for weight loss (in-office patients)
Value $3,297
Introductory Offer $1799   
(First 10 Patients Only)
The 10-Week Metabolic Reset Program is ONLY $1799
Additional Support Available
  •   Additional private visits with certified health coach
  •   Additional acupuncture treatments for weight loss
  •   8 weekly healthy wave mat sessions to support detoxification (30 minutes each)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I Be Hungry On The Program?
The program is designed to fill you up with plenty of fiber-rich foods and good quality proteins that help stabilize hunger. People who have successfully completed the program, have regularly used the metabolic support formula which is specifically designed to balance your blood sugar along with the probiotic supplements to seed your gut with helpful, hunger-calming gut flora.
How Much Cooking Is Involved In The Program?
The program is designed around super simple, one-pot or skillet meals with minimal ingredients, that even beginner cooks will enjoy. Most of the meals can be cooked and prepped in 20 minutes or less – and we teach you how to “cook-once” and then reuse food across different dishes. Plus, our support group is full of cooking short-cuts, ideas for “cook-once and eat-twice”, and other ways to make meal prep easy and delicious.
Can I Still Exercise On The Program?
We don’t recommend that you participate in intensive exercise on the program. One of the reasons we don’t recommend it, is to help calm any adrenal or hormonal stress you might be experiencing. We find that overworked adrenals (or the presence of too much stress hormones) is a major reason why most people have such a hard time losing weight. This is also one of the many reasons why people suffer from low energy, even though they get a decent amount of sleep. Light walking or stretching works best to help move toxins out of your body without activating your stress hormones.
Will I Have Enough Energy For My Day-To-Day Activities?
Yes! Most people report that they get better sleep during the program and feel more calm and focused. If at any point you do feel low-energy, we offer plenty of program tweaks in our free Facebook group to help you stay on track with your detox and weight loss.
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