Dr. Teggatz is the first physician that really listened to my health concerns and did not rush me through. Instead of simply prescribing a medication to treat each symptom, she looked for the root causes. She was able to diagnose a condition unknown to me that was causing my seemingly unrelated symptoms. This condition had never been suggested by my previous doctors, and it addressed an important health issue that I had raised before, but that previous doctors brushed off. I am now off two prescriptions that I had been taking for years. My health is markedly improved in several aspects. I am now aware of what I can do to stay healthy naturally, without medications which were likely exacerbating other problems. Dr. Teggatz's approach is to focus on the whole person instead of just the individual symptoms. While I have found that women's health concerns are often ignored or dismissed by other doctors, Dr. Teggatz addressed them in a positive manner. I have recommended Dr. Teggatz to many friends and family members, and they have all been very pleased, including my husband. If you are looking for a physician who will treat you like a person rather than a list of diagnoses and medications read from a computer file, then make an appointment with Dr. Teggatz. She will help you find the path to a healthier you.