Lindsey Dozier

Dr. Teggatz, Jenny and Amy are hands down amazing. I started seeking alternative methods to my ongoing chronic illnesses. I was fed up with traditional health care methods and medicine. I was referred by my sister who had been seeing Dr. Teggatz for a year or more. My primary health issues relate to Autoimmune Diseases and anxiety. When I first visited the clinic I was blown away with the cleanliness, modern non doctor office feel- complete zen. My visit was history based and we addressed some immediate issues at the same time. Dr. Teggatz actively listens and is never rushed. I have been to many providers who spend minimal amounts of time, are always behind with schedules and are quick to push medicine. Dr. Teggatz is calm in her approach and I always feel that I have ample time to address what I need to. I strongly believe that Dr. Teggatz and her team are the future of medicine and that patients like me expect to be trusted in our opinions and experiences of our own health and that addressing the root issue for the illness is the priority, it's not always more medicine. Dr. Teggatz has taught me the importance of mental wellbeing, eating well and supplementing. I regularly use acupuncture to treat anxiety and migraines and have had such excellent results that I feel like a different / better person. I also see Dr. Teggatz for gut health. I have suffered for 15 years and have been prescribed loads of medicine that provided little relief. I would highly recommend contacting the office for a consultation. I have never had a better experience with my health and health goals- Cedar Rapids should be rejoicing that we have a facility of this kind.

Elise Healzer

I've spent multiple years, time, travel and money to have providers either tell me my results were "normal" or I just wasn't exercising "enough" or eating the "right" things. I came to Dr. Teggatz after meeting a dead end with yet another provider and feeling very frustrated. She identified specific needs and finally recognized that I had a thyroid issue! She collaborates treatment to my comfort level and helps with natural supplements and treatment before medications if that's what you prefer. Within 30 days of initial diagnosis and treatment I was already seeing more results than I had in months/years prior with anyone else. Her staff are kind and helpful and she is thorough and competent.

Mike Krejci

I was beyond impressed with my experience at The Teggatz Clinic!


When I first came to Dr. Teggatz, I had been suffering from back pain since my first pregnancy, 8 years before. I had lost so much mobility that I couldn’t even practice yoga, much less go for a run. Dr. Teggatz listened to my problems, diagnosed a mineral deficiency, and performed acupuncture to fix my aching back and ease my chronic stress. Within a week, I was able to start exercising again. Dr. Teggatz helped to rebalance my body and restore the energy sapped by an autoimmune disorder. My husband says that acupuncture is the only thing that eases the constant pain in his knee. We didn't have to choose between holistic and Western medicine; Dr. Teggatz integrates the two to provide the maximum benefit to her patients. We are a healthier and happier family because of her.

Joe and Cathy J.

If you are seeking a medical office that offers both traditional and integrative healthcare options, then we would recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Tanya Teggatz at The Teggatz Clinic. The service and medical care that Dr. Teggatz and her staff provide is extraordinary. You are greeted by warm welcoming office décor and friendly staff. Dr. Teggatz has an exceptional bedside manner that allows for comfortable dialog between patient and physician. She seeks to treat the cause of the patient’s symptoms, rather than just treating the patient’s symptoms. Dr. Teggatz spends extensive time discussing your symptoms, medical history, and treatment options available. Then both the doctor and patient make a decision together on the best approach of a traditional or integrative care plan. Dr. Teggatz is a passionate, caring, gifted physician and these attributes are directly reflected in her compassionate care of her patients. We are extremely excited that we have joined “The Teggatz Clinic” knowing that we finally have a physician that understands and supports our choices of integrative medicine.


Dr. Teggatz is the first physician that really listened to my health concerns and did not rush me through. Instead of simply prescribing a medication to treat each symptom, she looked for the root causes. She was able to diagnose a condition unknown to me that was causing my seemingly unrelated symptoms. This condition had never been suggested by my previous doctors, and it addressed an important health issue that I had raised before, but that previous doctors brushed off. I am now off two prescriptions that I had been taking for years. My health is markedly improved in several aspects. I am now aware of what I can do to stay healthy naturally, without medications which were likely exacerbating other problems. Dr. Teggatz's approach is to focus on the whole person instead of just the individual symptoms. While I have found that women's health concerns are often ignored or dismissed by other doctors, Dr. Teggatz addressed them in a positive manner. I have recommended Dr. Teggatz to many friends and family members, and they have all been very pleased, including my husband. If you are looking for a physician who will treat you like a person rather than a list of diagnoses and medications read from a computer file, then make an appointment with Dr. Teggatz. She will help you find the path to a healthier you.

Mark W.

After close to a decade of "being alive" but not "living." Thanks to Dr. Teggatz and God's Blessings, I am back! Multiple Dr.'s plus two ent specialists and thousands of out of pocket dollars could not do what Dr. Teggatz did for me - care that I got better! During a lengthy interview, she got to KNOW ME and took time to initiate a treatment plan and follow-up that has given me back the enthusiasm to take back my health, not just trudge through my circumstance. Thanks, Dr. Teggatz - I look forward to each day feeling great!

Kristy K.

The Teggatz Clinic has been a breath of fresh air for me. I'm a hairstylist and have been struggling with numbness in my hands and arms due to 21 years in the industry. I started acupuncture treatments as an alternative to surgery. After three weekly acupuncture treatments my symptoms have been manageable. So no surgery!!! Her staff is warm and professional and the location is great. I still maintain with acupuncture treatments once a month which are now a relaxing and prevention at the same time.