The Teggatz Clinic

The Teggatz Clinic is where the services provided by a traditional doctor meet functional medicine solutions and acupuncture services that treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms.
Dr. Teggatz is currently the only medical doctor in the Cedar Rapids area to provide a functional medicine evaluation and management. Functional medicine is the identification and management of the root cause of illness and dysfunction.  As a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Teggatz is heavily influenced by this philosophy.  Her goal is to bring each patient back to optimal health and vitality. She also uses her extensive training in medical acupuncture to restore function, heal and bring her patients back into balance.

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From the moment you walk into The Teggatz Clinic you will notice there is something different about it. From the serene atmosphere, personalized attention from the small staff to the longer time spent face to face with the doctor, you are truly a unique individual, with individual needs and treatment plans.
We strive to provide compassionate care in a comfortable setting and give our patients the individual attention they deserve.

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