9 Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Resolutions in 2018!

9 Ways to Crush Your Weight Loss Resolutions in 2018! 6452aa8149031.jpeg

Can you believe it???

Another year down!

We are all saying goodbye to 2017 and looking forward into 2018 to create the change and life we all desire.  It is possible to do that… Do you believe that to be true?  That you can really and truly change your life to be what you want?  We are totally here to support you on that journey.  Today we are talking about weight loss, as we find so many still struggling with this.

How are you doing with your weight loss goals?  For a lot of people, the new year brings tons of excitement and tons of anxiety. We think about the past and how what we’ve tried hasn’t worked, and we think about the future, and how we want to be there NOW.

I just wanted to share a few things I think are so important with regard to weight loss goals.  I want for people to be healthy, happy, powerful, and vibrationally aligned with their soul’s purpose!  Holistic really means taking care of all aspects of you.  If you didn’t put yourself on the calendar in 2017, now is the time to fix that and MAKE YOU A PRIORITY!

A lot of this is creating goals (aka resolutions) that align with making you a priority for 2018.  We’ve got 9 ways of doing this that we think will move you forward…

9 Tips To Crush Your Resolutions:

1. High density, Low-Calorie Nutrition

It’s so important that you make smart food choices.  Foods that tell your body you are full because of the quality of food your system detects.  Simple ideas are avocado, chia seeds, protein shakes, all fruits, and vegetables.  There are more, too many too list, but basically clean, easy to digest foods are what you want… Nothing processed of course….  Your stomach has 2 kinds of receptors.  One for detecting nutrient density and the other for detecting physical fullness.  Raw, fresh fruit and vegetables stimulate both and tell your body it has what it needs, and it does so by not overloading you calorie wise!

2. Intermittent Fasting

Science is showing the benefit of giving our bodies time to rest between eating cycles… There are lots of ways to do this.. Stopping eating at say 5pm and not eating again until say 10am the next day is one method… Not eating one day a week is another.  Not eating for two (2) days every month is another method.  We personally really like a 2-day fast because some magic happens on the second day.  Metabolic changes occur, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) skyrocket, and you start to really burn a TON of fat on day two… Make sure you have a strategy for cravings if you fast, and watch your blood sugar!  One strategy is using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to conquer cravings fast.

3. Hydration

This goes without saying… So many people are actually really thirsty, and they mistake food cravings for thirst.  So instead of grabbing something to eat, try drinking a glass of water and see if you were really just thirsty!  You want to aim for half your body weight in ounces, and more if you are an athlete.  Ideally, you will consume purified water or spring water.  We want to eliminate fluoride and chlorine consumption, which sadly, get added to tap water.

4.  Stress Reduction

We eat when we’re stressed!  Take adaptogens to reduce the effect of stress, and practice yoga, meditation or some other mind-body technique.  The thing here to remember is that in the morning when we wake up, we have plenty of happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins, but by the end of the day we are often depleted… This is when we eat and eat a LOT!  The reason is our brains are literally trying to feel happy by artificially increasing our hormone levels through eating high fat and salty foods.  So what you do during the day will be reflected in how you feel and often how you eat at night… Stay calm and chill during the day, and you will be calm and chill in the evening!

5. Motivation and Inspiration

Stay inspired… Do this by containing your goals to a 30-day window.  Science shows we have about 30 days of “umpf” in us to really make a significant change, after that our willpower declines dramatically… Then, recharge, and create another 30-day window of action…  Stay focused and be determined.  You can do anything for 30 days…

6. Community

Surround yourself with others like you, doing what you want to do, and “being” what you want to “be” more of.    Success breeds success and being around people who have “been there done that” will help you do the same.

7. Sleep and Energy

Without sleep, you lack the energy to do anything… Prioritize REGULAR sleep schedule and wake schedule and do NOT deviate… Also, stop eating at 6 pm and watch how you feel differently in the morning!  Hormones are balanced when your sleep and energy are balanced.  And remember that we often eat too much or incorrectly when our hormones are NOT balanced…

8.  Coaching

HA!  You didn’t think I’d let you escape without recognizing the power of coaching…  Your chance for success skyrockets with a coach…  Accountability is something that many people struggle with, and especially around weight loss goals!  Having a coach is key to accountability and guidance.


Most important one… Stay tuned into what you want to become, not a # on a scale… Be present to what you are now, and always match that up with your Big WHY… Is it consistent?  If not, change it!

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