Functional Medicine Case Study (Part 3)

Functional Medicine Case Study (Part 3) 6452ab08b2747.jpeg

In the last 2 communications, I went over both the IgG Food Allergy test and the Expanded GI Panel used to determine gut health.

To refresh you, this is the 3rd installment of a 4-part series designed to highlight the power of health coaching, especially combined with a functional medicine doctor and medical acupuncturist like Dr. Teggatz!

Today we explore 3 more tests…

  1. Intestinal Permeability test
  2. Hair mineral analysis
  3. Gastric Acid

But first, as you recall, I was sick of my son suffering from:

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • frequent illness
  • inflammation
  • low energy
  • sleepless nights

We had made good progress with Kiernan, age 11.

He was healing nicely, but we felt there was room for improvement. Namely, his eczema was STUBBORN!

So I suggested we order some auxiliary tests to support our main theory that it was his gut that was causing many of his symptoms.


Step #1 ( Order the Leaky Gut Syndrome test)   

 I ordered the Leaky gut test on February 21st, 2008 to determine if there were large particles entering the bloodstream that shouldn’t be. (See test below)

Why did I order this test?

Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when undigested food particles and/or proteins pass through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream, causing allergic reactions as the immune system attempts to attack the “foreign” invaders.

This test would determine how bad the situation was.

The test itself is simple… Drink a sugar-based solution with two sugars of different sizes (lactulose and mannitol).  Then collect urine.  Send to lab and observe the absorption rate of both.

Lactulose is a larger molecule and should be absorbed less easily than mannitol.

The results showed the following:

  • Higher than I’d like lactulose absorption
  • Higher than I’d like lactulose/mannitol ratio

For me, this test indicated that yes, there is some less than ideal leaky gut stuff going on for Kiernan.

Step #2 – (Order a Mineral Analysis using a Hair test)   

I ordered a mineral analysis test on February 25, 2008 to see if Kiernan was absorbing the minerals he needed.  (See test below)

Why did I order this test?

So often with autoimmune issues, absorption of nutrients is impaired.   That combined with a less than ideal can lead to low levels of key nutrients.

The test results showed the following:

  • Low Iron
  • Low Chromium
  • Low Selenium
  • Other trace minerals Low

The low iron could explain some of the fatigue, as iron is needed for proper oxygen usage by the body.

Low chromium (known to balance blood sugar levels) is important because my son had a heck of a sweet tooth.  I’m thinking possible supplementation to boost…

Low selenium didn’t surprise me.  The food grown in soil that has been ravaged by modern farming practices which don’t replenish trace minerals like selenium means that our food is also going to contain inadequate nutrients… Selenium is key for immune system and other things…

Step #3 – (Do a gastric-acid self-test at home)   

I suggested that we order a gastric acid self-test.

Why did I order this test?

This test is important because in the process of digestion if you aren’t producing enough HCL (hydrochloric acid) then you won’t digest food, especially protein.

The test is pretty *simple.  Take HCl in increasing amounts and notice if heartburn develops.

If it develops only after significantly large quantities of HCL, then there is a likely deficiency.

The test result was that HCL production was low in Kiernan, even after multiple tests, and at different time periods.


* Always do gastric acid self-tests and all other functional medicine diagnostic tests under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

Step #4 Analyze Results 
In summary: 

  • Low in HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Low in Selenium
  • Low in Chromium
  • Low in Iron
  • Moderate Intestinal Permeability

Step #5 – Action

Nutrition Plan:

Keep some of the stuff from the previous plan:

  • Remove offending allergic foods, especially milk, egg, wheat, sugar, coconut
  • Include dark berries, vegetables
  • Multi-vitamin
  • Asthma herbal tincture (anti-inflammatory)
  • Lycopodium (homeopathy for nervous disposition)
  • High-dose probiotics (Restore the good bacteria)
  • L-Glutamine (Repair the gut lining)

But add the following: 

  • Add Evening Primrose Oil (for eczema)
  • Add Psoriaflora topical (for ezcema)
  • Add Zinc & Vitamin A for skin healing (for eczema)
  • Add Selenium, chromium, iron (correct deficiency)
  • Drink nettle tea (allergies)
  • Add HCL during high protein meals, especially at night (improve digestive capacity)  

Keep in mind that supplements aren’t typically for life.  

Once the body recovers and is in balance, they should be removed, and in place, whole natural foods utilized to maintain that balance.

Fitness Plan: 

  • Continue to stay active!  Nothing specific here.

Mindset Plan

 The goal was to reduce stress hormones and promote good digestion.

Step #6 – Results 

  • Continued improvement in breathing function as measured by a breathing device known as a spigometer.
  • Reduction in eczema symptoms.

Step #67- Analyze Results 

 I had taught him that his condition was something that could be healed from the inside out.

The best gift I ever gave my son was the knowledge and the power that he could change his life and change his circumstance with the healing power of nutrition, fitness & mindset!


The next part includes the final Before/After results!!!  

Get READY!   

Stay tuned for Part 4!


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