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We are super excited to have with us a new health coach, Travis Richardson!

Travis is a former elite athlete with Olympic level experience, has owned his own holistic fitness gyms, and coaches professionally in nutrition, fitness & mindset. One of his proudest achievements is helping his son through his own healing journey with ulcerative colitis.

Travis is highly trained.  His first training came through working with nutritionists and sports trainers while training full-time at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He has also trained in massage therapy (500 hours), yoga (200 hours), wellness coaching through Wellcoaches, herbs, essential oils and tons more.  He has created his own nutrition programs, detox programs using raw foods, and has educated over 1000 people on the benefits of green smoothies and a raw food diet.

He truly “IS” health and has been walking this walk for many years.

Here are some things he can help you with right now:


  • Helps you stay on track with your goals
  • Gives you guidance on specific foods and recipes.
  • Creates and helps you stick to tailored nutrition plans just for you.
  • Uses “neuro-nutrition” to balance brain chemistry and hormones relating to mood, hunger, sleep, and energy.
  • Coaches on the benefits of raw foods and a plant-based diet
  • Balance gut flora and create gut health.
  • Reduce inflammation and help you feel better


  • Creates custom workouts for you, using popular methods like tabata, peak 8, and other scientifically studied regimens.
  • Uses yoga to overcome stress, and balance mood.
  • Helps you integrate resistance training into your routine and teaches proper form using resistance bands.
  • Help you meet your weight loss goals by lifestyle modifications that stay for good.


  • Works with you to understand what it is you really want and why.
  • Coaches you to identify what your “stuff” is, that is holding you back
  • Teaches you meditation and mind-body techniques like nostril breathing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to overcome blocks
  • Uses positive psychology to focus on what you WANT, not what you DONT.

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Travis is super excited to be working with new patients at The Teggatz Clinic.  He is offering FREE, 15-minute coaching sessions to help you with anything health related!

So here is your challenge:

Take him up on that offer and schedule a 15-minute block today!

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PS… Ask Travis about his special green smoothie video/recipe… He’ll give you access to his secret formula!!!  But you have to ask him about it here