Top 5 Detox Hacks

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This one is so simple!  Lemon water is alkalizing, period… It is, in fact, probably THEE most alkalizing thing you can do for your body.  And given that we live in a highly acidic, toxic world, anything you can do to offset that is huge!  Lemon water stimulates the digestive system, and tells your stomach to secrete gastric acid and other enzymes.  It cleanses the body and has tons of positive impacts you can feel right away.

Dandelion root tea is good for the most important filter in the body – the liver.  The liver helps with fat digestion, cholesterol regulation, blood sugar stability, and even produces some vitamins and minerals.  Dandelion root tea is perfect, especially in the spring when you can use fresh dandelion root from your yard!  (that’s another blog for another day)!  But if you don’t want to dig in your yard, your local health food store should definitely sell you deandelion root in supplement form.


Just chill!  We are all in front of screens and on our phones for too many hours of the day. Did you know that Japanese research is currently showing the benefit of simply being in nature?  The research is showing the health benefits from walking in the woods.  Simple. Easy.  Unplugging reduces stress, and the associated hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.  Reducing these eases the load on the body so that it can do what i was designed to do: detox!


Exercising goes without saying.  But many people don’t know that the lymphatic system doesn’t move on its own.  It requires… you guessed it… movement!  Try to move your body at least five times per week for 45-60 minutes each time.


This is another easy one, right?  But how often do you catch yourself short-of-breath or holding your breath, especially at work, or when you are feeling stressed or emotional?  The number one way to reduce your energy levels is to let your breath slip into shallow breathing.  If you can just take the time to focus on your breathing you will do a huge amount to improving your health and daily living.


Greens are almost a special class of vegetables, containing sometimes 1000x more potency than the plant they are attached to!  Greens contain healthy doses of vitamin K, Vitamin A and your B vitamins, and offers magnesium, calcium and iron and is a rich source of antioxidants which help fight free radicals and encourage detoxification.  Chlorella and cilantro are special in that they are particularly good at detoxifying heavy metals from the body.  The best way to consume greens of course is with a blended, green smoothie.

Cheers to a detoxified YOU!

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