Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever.

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. 6452a9afc2ba2.jpeg
Guest Post by Kiernan Richardson

Earthing – the most important health discovery ever…

That is a very bold statement but science is showing this may, in fact, be correct. Using the conclusions from medical studies done to date, it is safe to say that in order for the human body to function in its natural state, we need to be utilizing the Earth’s energy through Earthing or grounding. After millions of years of evolution human beings and our ancestors have always had their skin touching the Earth, or wore clothing like animal skins that allow for a grounded connection… This may seem inconsequential but the amazing health benefits measured now by science are showing us just how important Earthing is.

What Is Earthing?

Earthing is the act of connecting the body with the electrical energies of Earth.

The Earth is a giant battery that always has power because of solar radiation, lightning strikes, and heat from its molten core. It is known among scientists though not most people, that the Earth’s surface contains an unlimited amount of free electrons. When you make contact with the Earth, free electrons are transferred into your body.  

What are the benefits of Earthing?

Earthing provides benefits such as:

  • Lowered inflammation by electrons acting as natural antioxidants
  • Lowered chronic pain
  • More energy
  • Decreased stress levels and tension in the body
  • Improved biological rhythms – including the circadian rhythm
  • Increased healing of the body
  • The transition from sympathetic nervous system response (Fight or Flight) to parasympathetic response (Relax and digest)

The above benefits are great but there is more to Earthing then those alone. The reason why many consider Earthing to be the greatest health discovery ever is that we now can show that the inflammatory and immunologic processes of the body literally cannot function correctly without being grounded.   This is an amazing discovery but also very sinister when you realize that hardly anyone is grounded for any amount of time in our modern world.

Is there anything that BOOSTS this process?

There are many factors when it comes to inflammation, and luckily, there are a lot of ways to combat the inflammatory processes in the body.  You may have heard of turmeric, for instance, which is a known anti-inflammatory.  Other things include alkalizing the body with greens, detoxification, etc.  One thing you may haven’t heard of and is talked more about here is the importance of breathing the RIGHT way.  Grounding PLUS breathing correctly creates a dramatic change in the chemistry of the blood, and creates a highly-oxygenated environment within the blood, with the correct oxygen-carbon dioxide ratio.  This means the cells become very efficient at oxygen uptake with benefits throughout the body.  Read more about this on my blog right here.

How Does Earthing Work?

The major point here is that the mobile electrons you get from the Earth are not just helpful but necessary. This is because if they are absent then any inflammation process will take an abnormal course. This is best described in this conclusion from a medical article done on Earthing “Areas that are electron deficient are vulnerable to further injury – they become positively charged and will have difficulty warding off infections.” The result is an immune system constantly activated and eventually exhausted. Cells of the immune system may fail to distinguish between the body’s diverse chemical structures (called “self”) and the molecules of parasites, bacteria, fungi, and cancer cells (called “non-self”). This loss of immunologic memory can lead to attacks by some immune cells on the body’s own tissues and organs.”  

Essentially this is saying if you have inflammation from an injury or an illness,  the body cannot respond to this the way it is supposed to if you are ungrounded. So in a time period where autoimmunity and inflammation-related disease is skyrocketing, this is an aspect of human physiology that must be brought to awareness.

How Did This Happen?

For all of human evolution, we had been in constant contact with the Earth, this was until we started to wear shoes and create an urban environment for ourselves.  Leather soled shoes allowed some energy to pass through, however, rubber which is what most shoes are made out of today, are not conductive so walking on the earth with shoes on doesn’t ground you. Pair this with the fact that our feet would hardly ever be touching nature anyway and you have a very unfortunate situation. In today’s world, most people are hardly ever grounded, and many people may go years without utilizing this energy source, which is as necessary for the human body as the sun. So the shoes we wear, the homes we live in, the places we work, and the modern floor have all been separating us from our Earth Mother whom we desperately need.

So are we doomed unless we start living in a primitive way again? Some might say yes, but that is a larger discussion. Luckily in regards to Earthing you can benefit essentially the same from this energy inside your own home, as you could standing in a forest barefoot. In most of the studies done on Earthing they utilized Earthing equipment that is able to transfer the ground energy to your body by simply wearing a strap, or sleeping on a special sheet. The most effective and timesaving way to Earth in our world today, is by sleeping on a grounded sheet at night, and using some other grounding mat or strap while you work. Is this 100% effective as standing directly on the Earth? Likely not but it is the best a busy person can do in this world.

Is There Any Research On This?

The research done so far supports the idea that grounding the body is likely a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle along with sunshine, clean air and water, healthy food, and correct physical activity. Earthing may be the most important element of the concept of rewilding the human body. The key to preventative health and efficient treatment of the chronic diseases increasing so fast today is to rewild the human body.  This entails many things, but simply the evidence behind the importance of Earthing, makes one wonder if we are missing any other critical components of being healthy human beings because of our modern lifestyle. Regardless now that we know about Earthing we can start to connect with our mother Earth once again, and receive the healing help that is constantly there to support us.

For further research articles on this topic, please see the PubMed articles below:

Where Can I Get Earthing Equipment?

There are actually not a ton of companies selling these just yet, as the concept of Earthing is still new.  If you’d like to know what companies I personally use, contact me at [email protected].

For now, check out this cool video on earthing sandals!  A 75% voltage drop!

About The Author – Kiernan Richardson, Cedar Rapids IA

Kiernan has faced a number of very serious health conditions for most of his life.  In 2014 he was diagnosed with a rare form of amoebic dysentery which ultimately led to severe ulcerative colitis, and cost him his large intestine as a result.  At a young age, he is not only a survivor but has decided to dedicate his life to helping others not suffer a similar fate.  Kiernan believes that it is a modern lifestyle that causes our dis-ease and struggle.  He aims to “re-wild” the domesticated human, in order to overcome and prevent the modern health challenges we currently face.  Kiernan has spent literally 1000s of hours in research.

What Is He Up To Now?

Kiernan has hopes to obtain certifications in functional medicine coaching, corrective breathing, and marketing in order to spread his message far and wide.  His website is coming, but until then, you can find him on Facebook at,[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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