What is Functional Medicine?

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The intent of functional medicine is to determine and manage the root cause or causes of illness. You may be thinking that this sounds a lot like conventional medicine when, in fact, most doctors today are not trained using this idea.

One of the important things you should know about functional medicine is that due to its nature, it is a highly effective way of combating illness. Functional medicine can be used to treat fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, other gut issues, weight gain (particularly around the middle of the body), fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, autoimmune conditions, skin issues, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and high blood pressure. All of these conditions, any many more, develop with one or more systems in the body are working inefficiently. The previously listed conditions can be improved with the functional medicine approach, if not resolved.

The body as a complex system

You need only study high school biology to know that the body is a very complex creation full of interworking systems. All of the systems in your body need to function properly in order for you to be healthy, vibrant, and vital. If one or more of your body systems are out of whack, it allows disease to develop. With this type of medicine, the goal is to look at these body systems and determine what will bring them back to complete functionality.

The importance of the patient-physician relationship

Functional medicine also places more emphasis on the patient-physician relationship more so than traditional medicine. Dr. Teggatz, for example, focuses on establishing the proper amount of trust with each patient. This facilitates a healthy, working relationship that will allow for effective treatment.

Examining all parts of the self

With functional medicine, you’ll also take a look at your lifestyle and how it impacts your various body systems. All aspects of your life come into play when determining the root cause of illness. Your diet, activity level, relationships, ability to manage stress, genetics, and quality of sleep all play a role in your treatment. Then, taking all of these factors into consideration, you will develop a personalized plan with your doctor.

Perhaps you’ve been unhappy with your healthcare or are ready to take a different, more personal approach to treating the medical problems you’re facing. Take a moment to consider how functional medicine can benefit you. The time and effort you put into your health today will only allow you to have a bright, healthy, and vital future.

To take a step towards complete, whole body health, set up an appointment with Dr. Teggatz today. As a locally operated clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we focus on getting to the bottom of your current health challenges. We love to use a balance of traditional and functional medicine solutions in order to serve you. Give us a call today at 319-393-4307.

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